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    Automated stereo library

    Introduction to automated three-dimensional warehouse:

    1. As an important part of modern logistics system, automated three-dimensional warehouse can realize high-level rationalization, automatic access and simple operation of warehouse with three-dimensional warehouse equipment; The automatic three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelves, roadway stacker crane (stacker), entry (exit) workbench and automatic entry (exit) and operation control system.

    2. Intelligent system composed of three-dimensional shelf, AGV / RGV, rail roadway stacker, in and out transportation system, information identification system, automatic control system, computer management system and other auxiliary equipment. The system is designed with the concept of integrated logistics. Through the application of advanced control, bus, communication and information technology, it coordinates the actions of various equipment to realize automatic stock in / stock out.

    3. Combined with different types of warehouse management software, graphic monitoring and scheduling software, bar code identification and tracking system, handling robot, AGV trolley, cargo sorting system, stacker address recognition system, stacker control system, cargo location detector, etc., it can realize a variety of three-dimensional warehouse operation modes such as single machine manual, single machine automatic, on-line control and networked control in the three-dimensional warehouse, The three-dimensional storage, automatic access and standardized management of warehouse goods are realized, which can greatly reduce the storage and transportation cost, reduce the labor intensity and improve the utilization rate of warehouse space.


    three-dimensional warehouse features:

    1. Save space and make more efficient use of land and space.

    2. Automatic and mechanized operation to reduce errors and improve work efficiency.

    3. The automatic three-dimensional warehouse adopts high-rise shelves, three-dimensional storage, large storage space and cost saving.

    4. The automatic three-dimensional warehouse is controlled by mechanical and electronic equipment, with accurate data. The handling is also automatic, faster and more efficient.

    5. The handling design is pallet type and container type. Storing goods can effectively increase the safety of goods, reduce the damage of goods and reduce the damage rate of goods during handling


    Automatic three-dimensional warehouse solution: (Flexsim model can be used to provide solutions according to customer troubles)

    Automatic three-dimensional warehouse software system: (WCS / WMS)

    Advantages of automated three-dimensional library business:

    1. Customized solutions

    2. Flexible labor supply chain system

    3. Strong R & D team

    4. Broad product system  

    5. Professional technical support

    6. Efficient delivery capability

    7. Diversified after-sales service

    8. Irregular tour counseling


    Storage solutions:

    The automatic three-dimensional warehouse logistics adopts automatic equipment such as stacker, RGV, elevator, shuttle car and AGV car, cooperates with various transmission lines, realizes automatic and efficient transportation and storage of goods through industrial control equipment and driving equipment with advanced automation control concept, and is equipped with perfect management software to realize comprehensive and simple management under big data; All kinds of material transportation equipment controlled by computer are used to accurately transport the specified quantity of materials to the specified place according to the process requirements.


    Advantages of automated logistics equipment:

    1. Improve space utilization;

    2. Reduce inventory capital leasing;

    3. It can form an advanced logistics system and improve the modern production management level of the enterprise;

    4. Speed up the access rhythm of goods, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.



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