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    Intelligent logistics solution

    Intelligent logistics solution: three-dimensional warehouse shelf + logistics roller + AGV unmanned forklift / trolley solution

    Advantages of intelligent logistics solution:

    1. The intelligent system is easy to operate and greatly improves the utilization rate of warehouse space;

    2. The background logistics data is clear and easy to trace (operation data display board);

    3. It can reduce logistics personnel and labor cost;

    4. Easy to disassemble, assemble and maintain.


    Through the AGV automatic transportation combined with the dynamic allocation of instrument resources, the intelligent transportation of products to the station is realized, the instrument utilization rate and logistics efficiency are improved, and the production cost is saved.

    Automated material handling solutions:

    1. STRONG can provide targeted solutions according to different characteristics of customer business:

    2. No matter what kind of materials and production environment, STRONG can provide appropriate solutions;

    3. Combined with rail, trackless and dual rail technologies, the process can be adjusted in real time, to realize the flexibility of production;

    4. The equipment has fast speed, good reliability and high positioning accuracy;

    5. It can realize real-time data exchange with ERP system and cooperate with production system.

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