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    Classification and technical advantages of PVD coating of STRONG TECHNOLOGY


     STRONG TECHNOLOGY coatings are generally divided into three categories.

    (1) Hard film coating is applied to mould, cutting tools and parts.


    Coating equipment for cutting tools

    (2) Decorative coating is applied to various decorative materials.


    Coating equipment for decorative parts

    STRONG TECHNOLOGY has had more than ten years of in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, South China University of technology and Guangdong University of technology. It has established a relatively perfect school enterprise cooperative scientific research model combining industry, University and research, obtained fruitful research results, and successively established R & D platforms:

    Foshan pan Jiansheng academician studio

    Foshan metal heat treatment and surface engineering technology research and Development Center

    Technical advantages of Strong company:

    Intelligent technology of heat treatment equipment

    Temperature and atmosphere control technology

    Rare earth modification technology of coating

    Plasma Multicomponent Infiltration Technology

    Moscow State Technical Univers (formerly known as STANKIN), a famous university in Russia, has a school running history of more than 80 years and has won major international scientific awards. Cooperate with Russian EB company in MAP and EB-PVD equipment agency.

    Its technical advantages are as follows:

    Plasma vacuum technology:

    Composite plasma vacuum technology and equipment

    Rapid neutral molecular beam deposition coating process and equipment

    Coating technology and equipment for long parts

    Map furnace manufacturing

    EB-PVD equipment agent

    Cutting and tools

    Multilayer coated high speed steel cutting tool

    Service hotline+86-0757-23322638


    AddressNo.32 Shizhou, Chencun, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong 528313,RPC.

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