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    Articulated bearings | Give energy to the big country Heavy Equipment


    Over the years, China's aerospace industry has developed vigorously, achieved unprecedented breakthroughs, and gradually put the myth into reality: the manned spacecraft "Shenzhou", the planetary exploration mission "Tianwen", the manned space station "Tiangong", the lunar exploration project "Chang'e", the dark matter particle detection satellite "Wukong"... While writing the great journey of China's aerospace, It is also witnessing the innovation and rise of China's science and technology. Behind the brilliance, it is inseparable from manufacturing enterprises that are down-to-earth, dedicated, pursuing "craftsman spirit" and continuous innovation.

    Fujian Longxi bearing (Group) Co., Ltd. is one of the typical representatives, who focus on the design and R & D of joint bearings and providing high-quality parts for aerospace equipment.

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    Articulated bearing is a kind of sliding bearing with special structure. Its structure is like human joints. It is composed of outer ring and inner ring with inner and outer spherical friction pairs. It can swing and rotate in any direction. It has the characteristics of high load-bearing, impact resistance, wear resistance and self-aligning. It is widely used in aerospace, truck, engineering machinery, construction road and bridge, high-speed rail car, Metallurgical equipment, water conservancy and hydropower and many other industries and fields, are the core parts that determine the operation performance of the main engine.

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    STRONG TECHNOLOGY has carefully built the "Bell-type furnace" for the heat treatment equipment of articulated bearings for Longxi group. The equipment adopts Swiss full-automatic control system and high-quality key parts of international brands, with mature technology and stable production. The modular design concept of Bell-type furnace is conducive to future expansion. Quenching tanks with a variety of quenching media can be configured according to production needs. At the same time, the Bell-type furnace has fast atmosphere conversion, precise, controllable and uniform furnace temperature, which is suitable for the flexible production of many kinds of precision parts with high requirements.

    Longxi group will lead the world in the field of articulated bearings and become China's aerospace force and the pride of Fujian. The craftsmanship spirit of a big country is worth learning from. STRONG TECHNOLOGY will continue to increase scientific research investment and technological innovation, and contribute its own strength to the national industry.

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    Service hotline+86-0757-23322638


    AddressNo.32 Shizhou Industrial Zone, Chencun Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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