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! If the world is funked up, you can't keep it under your hat. Diem Jones, master of language, rhythm and deep diving for the truth, has converged with master guru composer D. Baloti Lawrence and slammin' musicians from many traditions to bring you the word, the deep-down heart and soul of it, in spoken song. Joined by a cast of internationally acclaimed musicians, Jones blends his own style of spoken word, song, poetry and spin exposing the strings on the puppets, the mixer behind the spin, and the gears in the machine.

Holding history in one hand, and poetry in the other, he stirs up thought-provoking lyrics that make you look at the world through Jones-colored lenses.

From his epic Rhythm of the Slaves to the tender Life and Love, Jones words bounce against predictability and land in originality. The music provided by the celebrity line up of musicians and composers compounds the groove in his words.

Jones is joined by musicians; Chuck Cuyjet, Frank Colon, Daniel Figueiredo, Eddie Gale, Tony Khalife, Zuri Moore, Luci Murphy, JD Parran, Gabriel Powers, David Lee Spradley, Len Wood, and Poets: Elmaz Abinader, Suheir Hammad, Quincy Troupe, Al Young and Fladimir MS Woo,


The collaboration between Diem Jones and D. Baloti Lawrence is a combination of alchemy and creativity. Author and musician Baloti and Artist and writer Jones create new forms and sounds with ideas that crystallize, analyze and hypnotize.

Composers who contributed to tracks on the Equanimity project are: Kathryn Bostic, Frank Colon, Baloti Lawrence, Tony Khalife and David Lee Spradley. Jones’ long time association with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic influenced his already Out-of-the-box ideologies. His performances rock the room, slam the vibe and free the mind.


Jones, whose previous c.d. Black Fish Jazz and book of poetry Sufi Warrior developed the Spoken Song style that he is known for. According to Cheo Tyehimba, of whatchusay.com,… Equanimity unites themes of joy, peace, anti-violence, and self-knowledge across a spectrum of spoken word poetry and music, people's minds can be piqued, just a little bit. Making the dance of life all that more enjoyable.”

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